A Message For Tammy Sytch From Lacey

So you call yourself the "Original Diva?" I really don't see how there's anything original about you. You're just the same as all the other women who came before you in the wrestling business who were nothing more than eye candy, and you're just the same as all the talentless Divas that have come after you. ANYONE can go out there and shake their ass and fake tits to get a crowd reaction. There's nothing special or original about you.

You say you'll be looking out for me in Orlando, eh? Well Tammy, I'm not hard to find. I'm sure I know right where you'll be...trying to corner Austin Aries and win him over with your so-called "assets." Unfortunately for you my dear, I believe Mr. Aries is far too intelligent to fall for your same old schtick. He belongs with the Age of the Fall. He knows it, we all know it...so stop trying to take something that isn't yours. As Jimmy and Tyler have said many times before, we are bigger than Ring of Honor, and we are bigger than pro wrestling. We are a revolution, a call to arms, a cry to stand up and fight for what you believe in--something you know nothing about. You're just one of the sheep, following the herd blindly. You can fake all the confidence you want, but we both know underneath all the plastic you're nothing. You're clinging on hoping for one more chance in the spotlight. NEWS FLASH: You're old and washed up. No one cares about you anymore.

Don't patronize me with idle threats. Don't tell me you'll be there somewhere 'looking out for me.' If you don't find me, I WILL find you, so we can settle this face to face. And don't think we're going to handle things in a fashion you're used to--there won't be any bikini contests or mud wrestling. You might want to buy yourself some SHIMMER DVDs and study up...


Message from The Leader

I write this at an internet cafe in Germany. Thus far my trip has gone well and have found a lot of international support for the Age of the Fall cause. For those of you who have not seen my latest video message, it is on my front page on Myspace. I recommend everybody checks it out, as I have a had a lot on my mind and had a lot to vent about. Our Revolution is undoubtedly stronger than ever, with a new chapter of AOTF just starting in southern Indiana. I will not be at the Ring of Honor shows this weekend. As important as the ROH PPV, I will be holding a meeting for people interested in the AOTF cause. For those interested, please email me here on Myspace. And as always, go to ageofthefall.com for constant updates.

On to something else that is of personal significance to me, Alex Shelley makes his big Ring of Honor return on April 18 in Detroit. My real hatred for him is multi-layered. Our history is well documented, but in recent years our paths have diverged. While he parades himself as a national tv sell out, I have started a grass roots campaign, not in search of fame and money, but a goal to make a legitimate change in this world one person at a time. While he uses his tv time to simply feed his ego, I have touched people's lives in a very real way from the bottom up. And all that aside, I do have so many unsettled personal problems with him. It was a feud that began in 2002 in Detroit, and to this day, has never gotten any resolve in my mind. Beyond that, many people seem to believe that along with his tag team partner Chris Sabin, that the Murder/Motor City Machine Guns are the best tag team in the world. Well, while they failed to defeat the Briscoes in 2007, Tyler Black and I were the team successful to finally dethrone them to become the Ring of Honor world tag team champions. With so much to prove to the world, to society, to myelf, to this business, to the fans, and to Alex Shelley, I'm making a campaign to bring our feud back to where it started. In Detroit, Michigan, the home of the Machine Guns, I'm putting the offer on the table to Ring of Honor as a company and to the Murder City Machine Guns to have the match... MCMG vs AOTF.

The time to move is now.

Jimmy Jacobs