Whips and Chains

There is a place I want to see where every day is a sweet summer breeze. And every night is as starry as it is in my dreams...

So we're wearing gold again. This time we won't be letting it slip away.

And for those of you who thought that maybe our distractions would set us back, or stagger us in the least, what are you thinking now? The Tag Title Tournament at Hartford was further proof that when the battle lines are drawn, we'll be at the front of the lines-- leading by example. Unlike a certain Leader of the Free World, we don't always send the poor or the weak. We "man up" and fight our wars with conviction and fire and balance. If you're still scoffing, fuck you. The proof is in the proverbial pudding. And in this case the pudding is silver and gold. :)

From Hartford to Philly is about a 4 hour drive. Most of the drive was spent listening to Hulk Hogan and the Wrestling Boot Traveling Band (the girl had nothing else worth giving a shot). Needless to say, if my two prior losses to Bryan Danielson weren't motivation enough, that red and yellow drivel sent me over the edge.

Stepping into that armory in Philadelphia I got goosebumps remembering the way I felt back in March when I let myself down by not capturing the World Title at Take No Prisoners. I was one count away on multiple occasions from seizing a dream. Flash forward now, to last Saturday. Respect is Earned II. I wasn't about to drop the ball again.

I truly feel that there is nothing that can stop Jimmy and I as a team. And when he fought his heart out trying to tear Aries to pieces, I took a spark from his flame and let it truly ignite in my eyes. And when the fans in Philly felt the temperature rise as it boiled down to just Bryan and I, I breathed in that smoke. Every voice was another log and the fire just kept building. It burned out the roof and lit up the sky. And when I felt the third count after my Phoenix Splash, I knew we had done it. We had proved our point. As a team, and as revolution...

The question I get asked most. "What are you guys revolting against, anyway?"

It's that mindset. That psychology. You know the one. It lands you in a cube farm, or with paper cuts on your hands from bagging groceries all day. It leaves you broken hearted. It keeps you voting. It keeps you buying shit--shit you don't need. Shit no one needs. It keeps you detached and afraid. It keeps you apathetic. It keeps kids on the streets and books on the shelves. It keeps and it keeps and it keeps going and going and going. It's that mindset. I know you know the one, because chances are, it's yours.

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