Change (Sights Are Set)

I can't keep my feet on the ground or this disaster in my head. We've tried all we can, and don't get me wrong, it's gotten us this far...so far. In a year's time we've accomplished many of the goals we initially established. We have conquered the Briscoe Brothers. We captured tag team gold twice. And most importantly, we have traveled the globe with our message in mouth and delivered aloud that message to thousands of struggling people worldwide. Up until recently, I've felt accomplished.

Is it possible to sense a national aura of hopelessness? A global uncertainty? Maybe it's just me but from my eyes it seems that passion is slowly disappearing across the board. Chalk it up to an American economic landslide. Maybe an endless "war" in the Middle East. But I have been sensing something lately. I see it in everyone's eyes. Feel it in her touch. I can hear it in their voices. Everywhere I look for comfort, there is something missing.

All I can think about lately is change. Are we doing too much? Are we not doing enough? Am I imagining all of this despair? Or does this run even deeper than I can dig?

I spoke earlier about goals. Well what we've done is not enough. We are coming up short. Drastic times call for drastic measures, and I am no exception.

True change comes from within. And I know what must be done.

We are the ones we've been waiting for....

the war is waiting....

no more waiting.

It's time to be responsible and accountable for our shortcomings. This life is ours. We live today. I have never been good at regret, and next time the real dream won't slip away.