The Boys and Girls to Change the World

Life is ever changing. People come and they go. Opportunities appear out of thin air. And hope dissipates into despair as quickly as this summer has into autumn. One misnomer about this job is that it's glamorous. The truth is that silver linings are really all we have to look forward to. Faces are forgotten and friendships are few and very far between. Locales differentiate only by longitude and latitude. The seasons blur and the colors all eventually become gray.

So really, this job--like any other--is just an extension of life. Because the only bonds that matter are the ones you build. Age of the Fall is partly about camaraderie and relationships and trust, like life is. We're here to offer sanctuary to those who feel like those connections aren't meant to exist for them. And in that vain, we as a unified stronghold welcome Delirious with open arms. He adds to our veins a shot of unpredictability and a salivation for revenge. And with that vengeance comes focus and the intention to right the wrongs. And like in his case, when the indiscretion is the breaking of a heart, there is no force more powerful.

Then, as we head to Japan we are as strong as we have ever been...

The next two weeks are make or break...

The Briscoes can pout all they want. They can make their proclamations about returning to their roots, but the fact remains that they have lost touch. And shooting guns and drinking gallons of beer aren't changing a fucking thing. Their fire may have been reignited by their shortcomings, but our flame is burning as bright as ever. And we will carry that torch to Japan and come back home basking in a new glow....the reflection of a World Title on the back of our leader.

And when pay-per-view comes calling, I will do what I do best and deliver. In Boston, Jimmy and I will successfully end the championship promise of Kevin Steen. Why so confident, you ask? Because I can be. I am in the best shape of my life, and psychologically no one can hold a candle to Jimmy and myself. He is a mastermind and when it all comes down, let's be honest, Steen and Generico simply can't compete with us on a cerebral level. Try as they might; will themselves as I am sure they shall; those two are why second place is still a celebration--so slackers have something to be proud of.

And with all that gold, we will step into the ECW Arena and finish what we started one year ago by demolishing everybody in sight, and using their bodies as metaphors for every doubt in every heart in the world. Heartache and solitude and hopelessness are all real.

But so is triumph.

So is valor.

So are dreams.

Steel Cage Warfare is an end to the beginning.

We are the boys and girls who will change the world. We are the ones we've been waiting for.