Our New War

Since we last spoke one war was ended, another began, and a third is now scheduled for renewal...

Two and a half weeks ago we did just as I said we would. We tore down the superficial. We vanquished the facade. When Jimmy made Alex Shelley give up, Jimmy not only gained a measure of personal revenge, but through his desire and fortitude he showed the world that if you can visualize answers, they will appear. And now there is no longer a shadow; no longer a mask. Contracts and image and money mean nothing. Fuck exploitation. The reality isn't in the show, it's in our hearts. We believed. And we conquered. And as the garbage crashed like hail on our parade... I have never known such a beautiful shower of disappointment turned elation.

Unfortunately, our celebration was quickly soured, and just as Jimmy had put what he thought to be the last of his demons to rest by defeating Alex Shelley, it appears that old ghosts still haunt him. For now. There is not much I can ascertain relating to love and lust and how they effect Jimmy in this situation. All I can say is that anyone who has ever felt the sting of a broken heart has to empathize. More to follow...

One exception I do take in regards to Austin Aries is his use of the word "hypocrite" in relation to us and our fight.

In today's cynical world, where it has become more of a crime to believe in anything at all than it has to sit-- idle and ignorant, what kind of person do you think you are, Austin? I understand as well as anyone what personal turmoil and indecision can lead to. I know the road depression paves and uncertainty paints so simple and pretty. It's not easy to go down the gravel, signless road. It's not easy to figure things out on your own.

What we are Austin, is an alternative to that nice road that takes you to the big city and that nine to five-tired name tag-weekend warrior bullshit lifestyle. And you know what? On our end, there stand Age of the Fall and no one else. So we're fighting one versus one million. And you know what else? We're not afraid. Of the blind stereotypes like the Motor City Machine Guns. Or, of the silent cynics like you and 90% of middle class America. The ones who love to talk about all the things in this life that need to change, but never once stand up. Or even take a single look in the mirror.

And now it seems like you have been given a World Tag Team Championship. Wow. I bet you feel proud... Come the Hammerstein, we'll show you what action is all about when we pry that belt from your undeserving hands. Whether they are alive and clenched, or cold and dead...

But before we reach that road, Age of the Fall invades the nation's capitol. And there, on May 9th I find myself pitted--one more time-- against "The Best In The World."

...Bryan, the last time we met I took for granted your experience. I will give you all the credit in the world, as your moniker may not be such a stretch. But I truly believe that in Dayton last year, it was not you who beat me. It was me who beat me. A lot of kids go into matches with wrestlers they idolized just happy to be there. And the first time, maybe that is a halfway viable excuse, but it's also new motivation for me. I can defeat you Bryan Danielson. This time, will be nothing like the last time. This time, Bryan, I will defeat you.


Countdown To The Murder City Showdown

The beauty of life is the struggle it becomes. Because then it's easy to "remember when." Then it's better to look ahead.

Stopping to smell the roses isn't what this is about. We're not here to bask in limelight, or to gloat, or to wait another day—no one in our camp waits for tomorrow. We're here to engage; to challenge; to change perspectives and to broaden horizons.

You'd be mistaken if you are to see this Friday's contest between the Motor City Machine Guns and the Age of the Fall as just another pro wrestling dream match. Sure, obvious inter-promotional implications have raised the stakes high enough; not to mention it’s Jimmy Jacobs vs. Alex Shelley in the heart of Detroit, but what I think is sort of flying under the radar about Tag Wars 2008’s main event, is its social relevance. Let me lay the groundwork…

On one side, the Guns are arguably the most popular and successful up and coming tag team in the business. They're good looking, they're athletic, and they happen to stand for nothing but tired bullshit. With them it's all fashion and flashy combos. Every week Shelley has a new hair cut to go with his calculated clever comment. Where's the substance in being stuck in that condition? Sell another t-shirt, boys. Stagnate on another quiet Thursday night...

And then the pitch changes. As Shelley and Sabin try feverishly to fit in with today’s over produced, faux counter culture, they end up looking like fools to the kids who believe in everything after looking the part. So by default the true counter culture rejects them. They…WE reject the notion that they carry any torch representing change in society. We're the ones breaking ground! We're the ones changing lives! And how? By starting with our own.

We didn't reinvent this approach; we're carving our own cracks in the sidewalk. The same cracks Shelley and Sabin, and everyone in wrestling tiptoe around, because they’re all so afraid of falling off, of hitting bottom. In case you've been under a rock for the last decade, you haven't missed much: THIS BUSINESS IS THE UNCHANGED. WWE sure isn't making any waves. TNA--and its prized Machine Guns--aren't faring any better. Even good ol' Ring of Honor has hit a glass ceiling.

Enter Age of the Fall. We’ve arrived offering answers. We are handing out solutions. It's as simple as flesh and blood. It starts with you. And it starts with action.

So, this Friday in Detroit, when years of bad blood compound into Shelley vs. Jacobs—one more time; when it’s Us vs. Them—one more time, with our backs against the wall; like always, make sure to notice the look in my eyes. They’ll tell the story of the pariah, of the kid with a trampled dream.

Because it's about more than a single match for me.

It's about timing.

It's about being unafraid.

It's about a sociological shift.

This Friday, AOTF vs. MCMG...

is for those who have heart.