Change The World

I start tonight’s entry with a quote written in response to my last post. It is the final sentence of nuketheben’s comment:

“...but today is not the day for people like me to drink your kool aid.”

So tell me then, where did you pour this imaginary Kool-Aid we’ve been handing out? Because as far as I can remember all we’ve been dealing with here are ideas and honesty; not some formulaic poison or your scapegoat excuses.

And more importantly, if not today then when? How about when it’s too late? How about when our kids are growing up and dealing with more shit than you or I or God could ever foresee, let alone save? How about after the next nuclear holocaust? Sound good to you, motherfucker? Cause it sounds like you—and everyone like you—are the reason we’ve fallen this far.

It’s this fucking absurd idea that has a stranglehold on America; the feeling that everything will just be OK. And further, that just being OK is right. So, then you have kids who grow up with no hope. And why? Because unprepared, irresponsible imbeciles are the general population. Because uneducated, underprivileged, poor kids well, they have kids. And so from Day 1, those babies have no hope. They are born into welfare and will most likely spend their entire lives dependant on a naturally corrupt government for everything from diapers to cigarettes. And the cycle will repeat.

But maybe, hopefully, those reading don’t fall into that category. No, I imagine most of the people who’ve let the message drift unabsorbed through their peripheries are even worse. I believe that the crime is not committed by the misfortunate, but rather by the sons and daughters of this generation who are intelligent and capable and well-off enough to lend a helping hand. Those apathetic fools, like nuketheben, who sit idly by and let the world rot, they…

…you…you pieces of trash are the catalysts for disaster. I see the shopping malls and superstores and suburban sanctuaries and they teem with greed. Being young and impressionable is one thing, but someday we all have to grow up and make a fucking change.

Eric’s story is a great start, but there are a million stories out there just like Eric’s. I realize understanding the magnitude of what Age of the Fall is trying to accomplish may be difficult, but so is the actuality of it. If you don’t believe this is about you, you’re dead wrong. This is about every single one of us, and the lives we lead. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating:

Change your life.

Change the world.

Every great revolution started in the same place: someone’s heart. Tell me now that this can’t be real.




The Democrat? The Republican?

I can always be a distraction. So, where’s the changeover then? How has time become our last resort? I’m idling here, I know….

I buy my jeans from a thrift store for reassurance. I am a rebel. I am a social drinker. There’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t want to be like my parents either, but heroes are a waste of time. And religion? Ha. I scoff at anything organized. No one’s going to hell because it doesn’t exist. And what is morality anyway? Such hypocrites. The artists on my iPod no one is allowed to recognize, because pop music and money is for the sellouts. I don’t feel sorry for myself, in case you’re wondering. I just don’t want to be stuck here in this little state. Everyone here is so closed-minded. Maybe if they would get off their asses. And this. And that. And the rest…

We’re tired of the same old sad story. Everyone and all their pity.

What are you doing?

What am I doing?

Yeah, you—the kid with all the potential in the world—what are you doing?

I’m working, smoking, fucking, breathing.

Taking up space. Coveting. Consuming. And now they tell you to make a difference. They say, “You invoke change! Come out and vote!” Vote for whom? Who the fuck does the United States government and all these paid celebrity campaigners want you to vote for?

The Democrat? The Republican?

Fuck. That. These political pundits with all their talk about policy and bills and Operation: Iraqi Freedom. Like this is make or break. Like your vote makes a difference. How about a vote for indifference? Every single one of these proposed candidates represents the same thing: moderation. Fuck Left. Fuck Right. Fuck the Ass and the Elephant. I am not a proponent of extremism in any form, except extremist freedom. Open your eyes America; the war we need to fight is the war within. And I don’t mean inside the borders of our own country; I mean the war we wage every day in our hearts and in our heads. Democracy, Jihad, genocide? How about depression, anxiety, and the search for shreds of remaining truth in hope. How did we get all the way from hunting and gathering, to oppression and tyranny and self-destruction? Tragedy has taken hold, and so we get our name; this is the Age of the Fall, and nothing changes until it…all…crashes…down.