Creation is a work in progress. Devotion then, is the driving force behind any amount of honest comeuppance.

We have a heart that beats a million times a minute. And with each deep palpitation that heart births another intention for how our retribution shall be earned. What we are no longer are souls standing by. What we no longer live by is the creed that keeps us waiting for answers. Where we go from here is the new mystery we seek. Fuck the end because it’s inevitable. Variable are the acts and scenes and lines we shape and evolve into the story called today.

If we don’t show the world that awareness is all the truth we’ll ever need, then who will? It’s sure enough not this murderous generation of Americans seeking out that mediocre “dream.” Sure as I am alive tonight, it’s not the walk-behinders who settle for middle-management positions and prey upon minimum wage increases every few years. And for fuck’s sake it’s not a corrupt everything—government, education system, perception of reality—that governs a 24 hour existence; controlling everything from our diets to our sunset hopes.

This revolution is as new to me as it is to you. That’s why this one is different. That’s why we do this together—tear that fucker down, and build it anew. That’s why they will find their excuses and their loopholes in every sentence we speak and every message we convey. They’ll seek to abandon this, but we will not be held down another fucking second! We will rise and challenge every fucking thing the righteous stand for! We are only taking our first steps. There is a dream out there to be had; let them hold it high for us to strive for. Every hero needs a villain. We’re taking what’s ours. One step at a time.


The Voice said...

I guess Bryan didn't think he could beat Jimmy so he's looking to get his win back against you. ROH would never admit it as being that way but we know.

TLDpart6 said...

Age of the Fall is more powerful than you can imagine. Much like in the movie Fight Club, Age of the Fall supporters are popping up everywhere without any of the members' planning or knowledge. Age of the Fall is a true movement. Keep up the good fight.