Creation is a work in progress. Devotion then, is the driving force behind any amount of honest comeuppance.

We have a heart that beats a million times a minute. And with each deep palpitation that heart births another intention for how our retribution shall be earned. What we are no longer are souls standing by. What we no longer live by is the creed that keeps us waiting for answers. Where we go from here is the new mystery we seek. Fuck the end because it’s inevitable. Variable are the acts and scenes and lines we shape and evolve into the story called today.

If we don’t show the world that awareness is all the truth we’ll ever need, then who will? It’s sure enough not this murderous generation of Americans seeking out that mediocre “dream.” Sure as I am alive tonight, it’s not the walk-behinders who settle for middle-management positions and prey upon minimum wage increases every few years. And for fuck’s sake it’s not a corrupt everything—government, education system, perception of reality—that governs a 24 hour existence; controlling everything from our diets to our sunset hopes.

This revolution is as new to me as it is to you. That’s why this one is different. That’s why we do this together—tear that fucker down, and build it anew. That’s why they will find their excuses and their loopholes in every sentence we speak and every message we convey. They’ll seek to abandon this, but we will not be held down another fucking second! We will rise and challenge every fucking thing the righteous stand for! We are only taking our first steps. There is a dream out there to be had; let them hold it high for us to strive for. Every hero needs a villain. We’re taking what’s ours. One step at a time.


This is The Age Of The Fall

The middle-class nation.

The mediocre generation.

Success is taught and adapted; changed and refurbished; and destroyed and rebuilt. What I have seen is a loss for words. Luckily, I have some to spare…

I watch the elderly settle into retirement and I remember when I was 16 and told myself I would never end up like my parents. Not to say my parents don’t have decent- to well-paying jobs, and maybe—probably—they are superficially happy with the day to day of existence. But they’ve achieved none of the goals they ever set when they were younger and brighter and life was looking up rather than slowing down, like it is for them now. All this, assuming they even took the time to wonder about anything but getting by during those formative years…

Kids growing up in Smalltown, USA spend their entire lives worrying about nothing but getting by. And when they have children of their own, those kids are born into hopelessness too, because they don’t have a clue as to what success even looks like. Everyone in the town makes minimum wage. The roads are crummy. The streetlights flicker and don’t even make it a mile out of town. The only way out is that illustrious college diploma that will land maybe one of them at some suburban business building chalk full of nothing but cubicles and paperweights. There someone could meet their first ex-wife or baby’s daddy. Either way they fall into the grind—how literal—and they reappear as a soulless shell of pessimism, reluctantly visiting Home every year, then every other year, then every five years for Christmas, until finally they don’t go back. Maybe this person has kids and pays child support. Maybe they take a higher paying job filling out less paperwork and drinking more coffee. Maybe life goes on and on and on and no one ever remembers a fucking thing about who they were or where they came from. Maybe they quietly pass with a small service in some cemetery where mowing the grass is more important than a tombstone. Maybe there’s an excuse for every wasted life, because I know if you really don’t care, then you’ll probably make one…

Success isn’t fame, fortune, or happiness. Success is as relative as taste. If you dream it, it can be done. And if you are aware, then dimensions are innumerable.

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Until next time, stay gold.


You have spoken

“AOTF hits home with me, because while a college degree is becoming more and more necessary to attain a career of worth, it is becoming harder and harder for the average person to afford a college education. The result being that complete fools and ignorant morons truly believe they are better than anyone else simply because they can afford the little piece of paper that says so.

“AOTF hits home with me because we are raising a society of perfectly attractive young people that believe they are hideously ugly, a ridiculous standard of beauty airbrushed into magazines and into their minds. We don't raise on a pedestal great thinkers, or those that do good in the world; instead, we deify the "beautiful" and the "sexy."

“AOTF hits home with me because even as we tell our children that violence doesn't solve problems, our government is hunting for the slightest excuse to bomb and invade countries on the other side of the globe. In the name of "liberation," we exert our force and our presence where ever we feel, spreading our influence as we see fit.

“The short answer is, I see the cracks in the wall. I know the machine is broken. I don't pretend that I know how to fix it. However, I do know that before it can be rebuilt, this flawed monolith must be torn down. So even if the AOTF can change just a few minds, even if the AOTF can open just a few eyes, the cracks in the foundation may be enough to bring it all down.”

Thank you Mark, for the perspective.

The truth about diplomas though, is that instead of them becoming more of a necessity, I believe their worth is becoming increasingly obsolete. Think about how many of our parents have college degrees; then how many of our grandparents. College is the new high school. In ten years, that business degree means the same thing as a GED does yesterday. The only question I have then, is what happens to those four years—maybe five—we’ll spend toiling at a university; racking up corporate debt and wasting precious time? What happens when everyone has something, but knows nothing? And what happens to the kids who just don’t give a fuck?

Beauty is just another reason to feel left out. And the sad part is that it’s becoming nature. Like war. I don’t support the war and I don’t support the troops. If you make a commitment to be a pawn, then there go your dreams, there goes your heart. Deal with dying. The only protection we need is from ourselves. Fuck your war machines and your biochemical bullshit.

The war starts and ends in our minds. And if you can’t take your own steps to change whatever world you see, then where are we going from here? Last Saturday, Age of the Fall was presented with opportunity, and without cowardice we stepped to the stars. I took on a man with 3 times my experience and a million times my fan support, and came within a hair of defeating Austin Aries. Lacey challenged the champion of the female wrestling world, and took her to her fucking limit. And in our grandest moment to date, Jimmy showed “the best in the world” that they have something to be worried about by knocking out the self-, and widely-proclaimed.

If Unscripted III wasn’t a message to the underdogs of the world, I don’t know what could be. We, in our chosen profession, are changing hearts and minds city by city. I say, there is no reason we can’t do the same thing across the globe. But it won’t be just one of us making the change. Nothing is untouchable. Jimmy showed us the way.