Change The World

I start tonight’s entry with a quote written in response to my last post. It is the final sentence of nuketheben’s comment:

“...but today is not the day for people like me to drink your kool aid.”

So tell me then, where did you pour this imaginary Kool-Aid we’ve been handing out? Because as far as I can remember all we’ve been dealing with here are ideas and honesty; not some formulaic poison or your scapegoat excuses.

And more importantly, if not today then when? How about when it’s too late? How about when our kids are growing up and dealing with more shit than you or I or God could ever foresee, let alone save? How about after the next nuclear holocaust? Sound good to you, motherfucker? Cause it sounds like you—and everyone like you—are the reason we’ve fallen this far.

It’s this fucking absurd idea that has a stranglehold on America; the feeling that everything will just be OK. And further, that just being OK is right. So, then you have kids who grow up with no hope. And why? Because unprepared, irresponsible imbeciles are the general population. Because uneducated, underprivileged, poor kids well, they have kids. And so from Day 1, those babies have no hope. They are born into welfare and will most likely spend their entire lives dependant on a naturally corrupt government for everything from diapers to cigarettes. And the cycle will repeat.

But maybe, hopefully, those reading don’t fall into that category. No, I imagine most of the people who’ve let the message drift unabsorbed through their peripheries are even worse. I believe that the crime is not committed by the misfortunate, but rather by the sons and daughters of this generation who are intelligent and capable and well-off enough to lend a helping hand. Those apathetic fools, like nuketheben, who sit idly by and let the world rot, they…

…you…you pieces of trash are the catalysts for disaster. I see the shopping malls and superstores and suburban sanctuaries and they teem with greed. Being young and impressionable is one thing, but someday we all have to grow up and make a fucking change.

Eric’s story is a great start, but there are a million stories out there just like Eric’s. I realize understanding the magnitude of what Age of the Fall is trying to accomplish may be difficult, but so is the actuality of it. If you don’t believe this is about you, you’re dead wrong. This is about every single one of us, and the lives we lead. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating:

Change your life.

Change the world.

Every great revolution started in the same place: someone’s heart. Tell me now that this can’t be real.




Anonymous said...


I emailed you. Please give it a read. It would mean alot. You told us all your story. I told you mine.


Anonymous said...


I emailed you. Please give it a read. It would mean alot. You told us all your story. I told you mine.

-Alex (mightymouse615@hotmail.com)

P.S.- Sorry for the repost. Messed up on the first attempt.

PULSE said...

You've got to be kidding me right? How does some stupid moron get his quote printed in blog just for not getting what the damn perpose of the Age of the Fall is? Well I have this to say to you Colby Lopez: Why don't you answer me this question: "Ever since the people I thought I could call friends pick on me, I decided to let my immagination be my friend. So I would use to walk alone at recess, thinking of all sorts of things that I liked. But now, my mind is sending me false hope, for example: It would tell me that I should go up to a girl, kiss her then she would date me. But the fact is, girls somehow thinking that dating me is a repulsive matter. Where am I supposed to go from here?" And just to tell you that's just a sample of my problems!

Starving for Life said...

Hey pulse- you have got to be kidding me! Maybe you don't get the message we are trying to teach you. Change yourself, change the world. You have the power to change yourself. Look into yourself to see what change it is you need to make. You think that by calling this man out and using his given name is going to make people sympathize with you? You make your statement almost as a cry for help as if it were someone else to blame. Until you become a man and take responsibility for yourself your words fall on deaf ears.

AtB said...

I'm really diggin this whole thing, we are amidst the age of the fall and it's time to embrace it. WalMart/Myspace/ATT are all holding us back and yet they are our greatest means to speak up and out. Change ourselves quit being slaves to society and change the world.

Nick Malone said...

This world is not meant for the disabled or disfigured soul that is destroyed by abuse on a daily basis. Images of reality are skewed and flipped so that everything in the world is OK? The World is in the midst of a crisis and the only solution is to change from within. I get your message Jimmy, Tyler, Necro, Lacey, Allison and every other member of the AOTF that is united for a cause. A cause that fights for the reason of sanity in this world that is marked by war on unjust claims, famine, economic stupidity. We live in a society that endangers our lives because those Asswipes on capitol hill are to stupid to even realize right from left and left from right. Where is the sanctity of peace in this world that helped the movement of change? I am just one voice but a voice that matters to people like the Age Of The Fall. A Voice that matters that isn't drowned out by the hipocracy of "Fashion", Morals that aren't tainted by the fake society that I see before my eyes. I am a wrestling fan at heart and the AOTF are my voice of reason. Sanity must return, change must be present and all I ask for Tyler and everybody else is for Sanity and some form of equal standing to return so this fucked up vision is a moment that can be tossed in the garbage and burned to rest with the ashes of our fallen soldiers who died for a reason that was fake. I am Nick Malone from Huntington, New York and I have a voice.

- Nick Malone (yankeesman77@hotmail.com)

PULSE said...

I'm not gonna wait till the next blog comes out to post this comment. So I'm just here to apologize for all my hate mail I sent, I Apologize to Mr. Lopez, and Mr. Birch for my very rude behaviour. I would also like to apologize to everyone I may have insulted with my past comments. But mostly, I would like say to everyone(especially "Starving for life") That I am fighting for something, I am going to make the world a better place. And soon, everyone will known what P.U.L.S.E. stands for. And to the Age of the Fall "See you guys in five years!"

JorgeThe13th said...


Revolution begins with one person whom is not afraid to breake through the glass ceiling and stand up, after that, those who are doubters, and are afraid will stand up and walk behind that leader... What you guys say is incredible. I have nothing but the outmost respect for you...

It would be an honor if you could read my blog on here and let me know what you think... Not only Tyler Black and the rest of the AOTF but anyone who reads this in general...

Take care of yourself...

Zane said...

YES THIS IS A REVOLUTION! NO ONE HAS EVER SPOKEN OUT LIKE THIS BEFORE.....oh wait what? The original punks in the 70's and all of the pseudo punks since have been saying it? Well I'll be damned.

Anonymous said...

Worst. Gimmick. Ever.

Willie said...

This is one of your best blogs yet Tyler, I am following the Revolution now.

David said...

The Age Of The Fall Is The Best Dam Stable In Wrestling Today Period.


Unbreakable said...



I made my changes. I'm trying so hard. I'm sober, I'm dry, I'm clean, I'm walking each day, taking step by step, one foot in front of the fucking other in the direction I know is right. I am. I know this is the path I have to walk.

But it doesn't get any better. This fucking black cloud follows me every where I go. Sometimes he leaves me alone for days, weeks on end, but he's there ready to descend and kick me back into submission each and every time when I least expect it.

I can't give up though, because once you 'know', there's no turning back. Once you understand the poison that the other way injects into your soul every time you choose that path most travelled an intelligent person can't in good conscience choose that any more.

Which leaves me with what? I'll tell you, it leaves me with nothing. A big gaping fucking hole where my life used to be. Fortune favours the fucking idiot. The smiling imbecile on the street too stupid to ever realise the sheer waste of oxygen he inflicts on life every day he lives.

I envy him. I truly envy him, because he can go on doing the things I've had to abandon. He'll do them until he dies and he'll suffer no angst at being a 'bad person', he'll never lie crying at night at the mess he's made of his existence, the pain he causes others just by them having to know him, the fucking sheer toxic trail his damned life leaves in his wake each and every day.

See, I know I do right. I know I can be proud. But I can't.

I can't because knowledge doesn't take the rest away. I have 28 years to make up for and who knows how long left. know one thing. I will never be long enough to make up for not realising my potential sooner.

You'd think there would be hope in that. I feel none. Not today.


Project Catastrophe said...

I have started a chapter of Age of the Fall in London England called Project Catastrophe, carrently there are 12 members and gorwing, three of which are wrestlers, myself and two others who are now working dark matches for LDN.

But to me this is about more than wrestling, this is about wrestling with ones self and changing the things in us and then projecting it out and changing the world around us.

The world is in a sorry state and humanity has forgotten what it truly is to be human.

-Sam Valentine