Black vs Joe

Contrary to popular belief, I am not an angry person. Generally, I am pretty happy and I try my best to stay upbeat and optimistic. One thing I am though, is frustrated. Another thing I am is insatiable...

A couple of weeks ago in Jersey I publicly stated that my personal mission is to change not just the face, but the body, mind, and soul of the pro wrestling business. I feel at this time that the best way to go about forcing that change is by vanquishing Nigel McGuinness and capturing the Ring of Honor World Title. Some would say that is quite the lofty goal, especially for a person of my age and experience level. I would tend to agree, but I want another shot. I'll do anything.

With that said, I have had two opportunities in the last 7 months. I came up short both times. So what would entitle me to another chance? Why would ROH give me a third match with Nigel? What can I do to prove that I deserve this belt?How can I complete this dream?

By knocking out Samoa Joe.

So consider this a challenge. Joe is coming to Chicago on November 22nd and everyone wants to know who his opponent will be. Well, it should be me. I'm sick and I am tired of these "former ROH legends" coming "home" to ROH from TNA. Try as they might to rekindle that flame within, TNA has bought off their spark, and that fire is long snuffed out.

Motor City Machine Guns? Beat em. Homicide? Pinned his shoulders to the mat. Now its Joe's turn. He'll be the next sell out I defeat and this time it's gonna be even sweeter. Because I want to knock him out. I want to kick his face off and knock him and his senses back to Orlando where he and his ego can recover in 4 minute, made-for-TV matches.

Now I respect Samoa Joe and all of his accolades, but the bottom line is that he isn't conditioned for me. I'm not washed up. I am not a has been. I'm certainly not a part of the Main Event Mafia. What I am is young. And hungry. And part of an honest revolution in the Age of the Fall.

My name is in the hat. I want Samoa Joe in Chicago. And then, I want my shot at the ROH World Title.