We are of every age.
We are human.
We are your pariahs.
We are the ones that got away.

We wear black.
We are grim.
We are pessimists.
We are catalysts.
We are revolutionaries.
We are a collective conscience for the mislead.

We are waiting.
We are impatient.
We are a destruction crew at work.
We are the foundation for mutiny.

We are loyal.
We are betrayed.
We are your tears, your fear, and your dreams.
We are all the ways you want us to be.

We are the voice for the voiceless.
We are the hope for the hopeless.
We are the end for the endless.

Trying something new tonight. Above I have listed many of the ways we are. Now it’s your turn. Tell me friend, how, and what are you? What has brought you here tonight? Whether you believe it to be so or not, you are one of us as you read these words. Now tell me, what brought you to Project 161?


Barb E. said...

I am a fairly curious person.

Whole Fn Machine said...

What brought me here?

8:16 AM on a Friday and I'm here, in my office, at the job that hate working for an immoral, thieving, shitty corporation.

Why do I do this job when I feel it insults my intelligence and drains me of my creative fire?

Why do I work for a company whose morals sicken me?

Why do I work in the company of drunken fools when drilled myself with ink to express my Straight Edge pride?

Because a beautiful, smart, funny, loving, 8 year old little girl looks up at me with her big brown eyes and tells me I'm the best Daddy in the whole world and that she wouldn't trade me for nay other Daddy.

Because my amazing wife loves me as she does and I want our life to be everything we ever dreamed of.

That's what brought me here.

But I'm not like you, I don't hide in the shadows and play games with the lights and sound system.

I don't hide behind words in some blog. Or on some message board. I wear short sleeves at work so that they can see my ink. Even though the VPs make their faces of disgust. They can't touch me, should have thought more clearly when they wrote that employee handbook.

I still make hundreds of thousands of dollars for them so they grimace and shut their mouths. And pay me shit while they live in huge estates and join country clubs and my wife, daughter, dog, and I live in a small 2 bedroom apartment.

But I am not stuck here, I will find a way out, and it won't be the cowards way out I expect you to take.

You're beginning to bore me with your little stories and pontifications. Show yourself already. Let's see you get into it, do some damage. Make something happen.

Because right now, you're exactly the same as those message board geeks and keyboard vigilantes you despise, hiding behind your blog.

I don't sweat you boy.

Steven said...

i'm at work, i cant get enough of the bullshit you spew, i'll see you in New York.

americana318 said...

I came to Project 161 for the tits and nothing but. If there aren't any, I swear to god..

Audiobank said...

I'm a mark. You already know that dumbass. XD

Dan said...

I came for the hot wings.

idlers_shooter said...

I'm here because I'm curious.

I'm here because I am successful.

I'm here because it entertains me to see how the other side lives.

I'm here because I want to hear you bitch.

I'm here because I want to hear you complain.

I'm here because I want to see reasoning behind your action.

I'm here because I'm better than you.

I'm here because I like seeing your anger your pain your definance.

I'm here because I'm condesending.

I'm here because for some reason your entertaining.

I'm here because ROH brought me here.

I'm here because I want to see how much damage you think you can do.

I'm here because I want to see how much damage you can do.

I'm here because I'm the best at what I do.

I'm here because I am what you should be aiming for in your meanlessing lives.

I'm here because I'm creative.

I'm here because I'm intelligent.

I'm here because the powers that be shouldn't allow me to be here.

I'm here because I support ROH and no amount of emo/straight edge/radical thought changes my loves my life and what I believe in.

Come to us.

We'll send you running with your tail between your legs.

We'll make you see that all your rebelling because Mother didn't pay us enough attention; Daddy wasn't proud of what he created; your high school crush turned you down when you asked to the prom.. whatever event in your life led you on this path.

It means nothing. Your beliefs and ideals cannot turn the tide.

And ROH and most specifically the fans are the tide.

And we'll turn you back.

Come play. The mood is about to change.

And this is a game you can't win.

Have a good evening sunshine :)

tgg_22 said...

I came for the lulz.

Skip Niklas said...

I was told there would be pie.

--Ari-- said...

I'm here because still waiting on that Dragon-Morishima prediction. Surely you must have some opinion on that one, because that's a huge match up this weekend.

nymf35 said...
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Project161Follower said...
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Project_161_Leader said...

I am the eyes for the blind.
I am the ears for the deaf.
I am the heart for the heartless.
I am the soul for the soulless.
I am the leader for the followers.

I am here to lead you to the revolution known as Project 161!!!!!!!

Jared said...

I came for enlightenment.

Paul said...

Didn't I already say like 3 times now that I am here for the T-Shirt?

I guess it it only fair that if you took the time to ask the question that I should take the time to answer it though.

I check this blog regularly, as I am interesting in the means to and not just the end of what your saying is going to happen. Long story short, I am interested and impatiently waiting for this whole thing to bust wide open.........that and the T-shirt, seriously, it's a nice shirt.

Well, I'll be in Boston at the next event, feel free to do......you know...what ever it is that you do.

Christopher said...

does project 161 validate parking for being here?

Demonotaku said...

I'm here to Free Hat!

DC SNIPER said...





Bluntfield said...

I have been smoking alot of bud this year and have felt my life-perspective change drastically. Add to re-watching films like Fight Club baked, I'm really interested in Project 161 and whoevers writing these blogs should be commended!

shane.charleson@gmail.com said...

I'm here to cool your hot heart with a cool Island song.

Skip Niklas said...

No show in Hartford, eh? The more you talk, the less we listen. Take action before your "movement" is cut off at the knees by your own complacency and hesitation.

Christopher said...

hey, thanks for the t-shirt at the NYC show. i guess that means i'm one of the "cool kids"..

Jay Hero said...

I am here because I kneel in prayer that this will set forth a movement that will cause the cease of the prosaic state within Ring of Honor. While others may be complacent with the insipid offerings of Mr. Sapolsky, I desiderate for preponderance.

Angel said...

South Bronx, bitches...

Tommy said...

did you guys get caught in the rascal flats traffic too? cause i didnt see anything from project 161 in hartford, unless it was the adam pearce thing, he was talking kinda like how the blogs are written about being set free and stuff. and in NYC you gave out shirts and at least 1 DVD thinking we wouldn't watch it til later, well you were wrong, some 1 came back to the bar and we had a dvd player, it was kinda blair witch-ish and about 2 mins long, nothing great, showed some nooses but ehh. this was your weekend to shine and make me a believer, Damn that rascal flats concert for making you miss the show, but thank god for all the hott country girls!!!

Putnam Ventures said...

I'm here because of the fliers. Say, they've sure been doing less and less with Raven in TNA, haven't they?

rohrip said...

you are all right. we are over-hyped. new york was too big a stage for us. maybe this whole mistake is finished...said the spider to the flies.

bmxmadb53 said...

I'm here to join the revolution and that snazzy T-Shirt. Seriously stapling Delirious' mask is pure genuis.