We didn’t choose Ring of Honor; Ring of Honor—and its fans—invited us in.

Like thieves in the dead of night, we are only as silent as your ears make us. You, the not-so-unsuspecting, have left your doors unlocked and your porch light on. Your welcome mat practically reads, “Come in, Mr.161.”

While you are sound asleep, tucked away in your comfortable existence we will pillage all that you know. When the time is right, we will take from you what you hold so dear: your intelligence, your certainty, and most importantly, your safety. And when you open your eyes, there will be nothing left. Though you practically set the table for us, your expression will be one of shock. There will be a stir. You’ll make a scene, but know—we never came to you. You came to us.

One thing you are missing, though, is that this invasion won’t be the first time we’ve stepped foot inside your domain. Many times we have come and gone. We’ve cased your dreams. In light and in shadows, we’ve been lurking. Always invisible, but only to those who wish ignorance. You’re not missing anything at all. You are simply not seeing it as it stares directly at you. We don’t have to give you a warning because you’ve fabricated your own ghosts.

When the house is pitch black, we’ll be the hairs on the back of your neck.


Skip Niklas said...

Honor is your master. The only advantage you have is your anonymity. Once that's gone, so you will be, footnoted in history along with the other "would be invaders". Enjoy your games though, as they will be your last.

R W Scott said...

a mist fogs over my eyes and in anger I'm blind.

Lights pop in and out of my head and I can feel creativite thought dying, drowning, suffocating in the city whilst my body putirfies with age. The Egyptians mummified their dead, now we do it as we live, wrapped in our labels and our brands we rot in the dank, humid pollution we have revelled in.

There is no forgiveness for humanity. There's no repenting and there can be no pity, because we brought forth this war.

You say we invited you in, some of us long for you. To end this misery. To end the empty platitudes that pass for everyday conversation.

The world drags on, but humanity hasn't moved from it's bed in a century. Instead we lie back and stare at the ceiling, waiting for the crack to open, waiting for existence to fall in on us, because really it's the only humane thing to do.

So come to us.

Project 161, No Honor Society, Abused Society, whoever you are. Come and save us from the waste of oxygen we've allowed ourselves to become.

Whilst most will fight, some amongst us will stand with our arms spread and wait to be judged. It's fate. Why fight it.

161 said...

The time is now.

--Ari-- said...

Hmmm...invited in, invisible, likes the dark... you're Michael Jackson aren't you?

P.J. O'Brien said...

All I'm going to say is: At least put something in mouseover.html. Completely wrecks the whole site that I get that ghey 404 when I click your links.

Travis said...

Sal Thomaselli loves the cock.

Christopher said...

Oh, Mr. 161, would you just stop whining and get in the ring, you pansy. the reason that you "snuck in" was because you are NO ONE, a LOSER, a JOBBER. No one cares about you because you are NOTHING to care about or spend any time thinking about. There is a reason you've come and gone. You know what that is? NO ONE WANTS YOU. Understand? Now go take your toys and your emo ranting, and go home. I know for shit sure that if Joe was here, you'd still be hiding under the ring. You are a weasel of the highest order, and when the ROH roster gets their hands on you, Mr. 161, your pathetic excuse for your wannabe tough guy rants will run down your leg, just like the urine that will inevitable come too.

RavagesOfSalvation said...

What a sad little display. You were not enough. Ring of Honor was too much for you. And you, like the spoiled little brat that you are, are stuck yelling and crying for attention when you didn't get your way and didn't get things handed to you on the silver platter that you claim to want to take away from the rest of us.

Why don't you try looking in the mirror and realizing that you're everything that you claim to hate. We, the people of Honor, saw through your facade and kicked you out. Your campaign is nothing more than a very creative rehash of everything that Ring of Honor has survived before.

Demonotaku said...


DC SNIPER said...
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DC SNIPER said...
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DC SNIPER said...





Putnam Ventures said...

Coming in a year and a half to ROH: PROJECT 162!

Zane said...

wow i cannot believe you marks telling them that "You" kicked "them" out. Dumbasses it's a work!