You tell us...

Now it’s your turn…

I think what has been misconstrued about this new Age is that it’s just a group consisting of Jimmy, Necro, Lacey, and myself. For the record, it’s not.

For my entire life, planet Earth has been on standby. This generation, our generation has taken a back seat to eras of the past. And some might say I’m wrong. Some may point to all the technological advances of the late 20th century as great accomplishments and tell me I’m out of my mind. It’s really easy to fall into that trap and make excuses for the way your life is. I did it. Jimmy did it. We all had to fall apart before we could all fall together.

The Age of the Fall is now. It’s you. It’s me. It’s all of us. And it’s a way to change your life. It’s a way to feel again. And based upon what I have heard from you already, the end result of our first Project—161—has had its desired effect. Well, let’s hear more. Tell me; after watching the video and either reliving it, or experiencing it for the first time, how did it make you feel? When was the moment that the hairs stood on your skin like curious onlookers? What emotions coursed through you while you watched the Age of the Fall redirect history? Examine your thoughts out loud. We want to hear your voices.

…give us your truths.


nnypirate said...

As long as you leave the slam dancing at the door, age of the fall can stay.

battled said...

Any strong showing of individualism or personality in wrestling is looked down upon for whatever reason lately. This was a breath of fresh air. I bet the match before this sparked lots of reactions from the crowd, but I really doubt it provoked much afterthought, debate, or (hopefully) change in direction like this did.

Also, looking around I've read people saying Jimmy talked too long. Ritalin's a hell of a drug. I wouldn't mind if next time he went on for 20 minutes...word to Hunter Helmsley.

EL Mafia said...

Your doom awaits you.
Selfish ones who think this world revolves for them
Around their games and illusions.
They give nothing but their hands are always out to take.
I wish you misery now, desolation.

Cast down, defeated, never to rise.
Cast down, defeated, never to rise again

Wallow in your hypocrisy.
You want respect but you'll never earn it.
Condemned to your heresy.
You want respect but you'll never earn it.
Your life is a fantasy.
You want respect but you'll never earn it.
Now you live out your blasphemy
You want respect but you haven't done a thing to earn it.
I'll be your doomsayer, motherfucker.
Your doom awaits you

Cast down, defeated, never to rise.
Cast down, defeated, never to rise again

Wallow in your hypocrisy.
You want respect but you'll never earn it.
Condemned to your heresy.
You want respect but you'll never earn it.
Your life is a fantasy.
You want respect but you'll never earn it.
Now you live out your blasphemy
You want respect but you haven't done shit to earn it.

Your doom awaits you.

Jose said...
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Jose said...

posting lyrics from shitty pseudo-hardcore bands is not indicative of individualism.can you not even speak for yourself/

Zax said...

Ignore the hate...

My only advice to you. Those who sit on their couches, becoming experts of useless facts and collectors of worthless items, will want to tear you down.

They will call it unoriginal.

Everything is unoriginal. Revolution is unoriginal. However the willing to actually get up off your couch of critism and actually join in a revolution is surprisingly fresh and original these days.

Declarations are unoriginal. However, actually standing up for what you believe is original compared to those who want to sit in the audience make smart comments, and pretend that they matter, that they are a part of something.

I was part of a revolution once. We look to the next generation to bring those old feeling back to help tear down the establishement. To take what exists and dive with it into the fire, so from the ashes, truth can emerge.

Vivat Age of the Fall

Djm said...

What amuses me most is that ROH gave the Briscoes a chance to respond to Age of the Fall, and what did they do? Proved Jimmy's point with a highly amusing, but highly profane, borderline indecipherable Redneck Rant.

Though I'm still 'on the fence', you, Jimmy and the incomparable Necro are certainly making your case well.

Dark Mark said...

For too long, all the positions of power have been held by the "beautiful" and the rich, as opposed to the brightest or the free-thinking. So desperate are those in power to hold on to their place that the world has been allowed to decay into a cesspoll of war, hatred, greed, and apathy. We must tear down their world, before it can be rebuilt...in OUR image.

Look at the great societies and cultures of the past; the Babylonians, the Romans. Their empires enjoyed hundreds of years of success by oppressing and enslaving other cultures that stood in their way. Inevitably, these cultures grew too enamored with themselves and their hedonistic ways, and soon collapsed beneath the weight of their own inequity.

Look beyond this simple wrestling "angle." Look beyond Ring of Honor, to this American society we're all so proud of. Are we so different? Is our Empire, perhaps, not ripe for a fall? Yes, yes it is. And this is the age.

The Age of the Fall.

I was there in Chicago, waiting with open arms. And now I embrace you.

--Ari-- said...

My favorite part was when The Briscoes called you out and told you they were gonna get you guys. War is on, and cold hard reality is about to set down on your fantasy-land asses. Revenge is a mad bitch and you're about to get a dose of lethal rabies.

Canadian_Xtyne said...

that vid, i admit, was rather awesome.....tho, i also admit, i thought the Briscoes at the end, when they were swearing like every other word to be more amusing, sorry guys.

ninjaskrzypek said...

Seeing it first hand was cool, but only 3 members just makes it another ROH faction in the 3 on 3 wars. Add Super Dragon and Kingston and im a believer. Tyler Black deserves this break, let Necro talk, and Jimmy is sick.

Christopher said...

what a bunch of fucking babies. if you cant do anything on your own, and upon your failure, what did/do you do? blame everyone else. you make me ashamed to be a part of this generation. if whining, crying and jumping people from the back is your modus operandi, i have a new name for your crew. "The Age Of The Coward." Jumping the Briscoes after they have seized the ultimate moment and proven their greatness, yeah, thats an act of bravery. Maybe in Bizzarro world. Face up to what you've done like MEN, not like the whimpering Emo bitches that you obviously are. And for all of you nimrods who are "joining" this "revolution", i make a suggestion. Get out of the basement, see the sun, live a little. What a bunch of lemmings you all are. Real courage comes from NEVER following, even if its "cool".

Canucker said...

I'm strangely reminded of a work of fiction I read and a truth entailed in that work: That mankind becomes complacent when everything becomes too easy. When things become too easy, the hunger dies. Only the hungry will take the positions of great power and wealth from those who feel that it is owed to them by virtue of positioning. When I look at Age of the Fall, I see the hungry. In the end, the hungry shall cut out the complacent, and the hungry shall stand above the rest. That is Age of the Fall.

Skip Niklas said...

As I stood there in the front row of section D this past Saturday, staring with wide eyed awe and enthusiasm through the holes in my mask, I could feel the electricity in the air.

When you raised the lifeless carcass of ROH's "creme de la creme" to the ceiling I could feel the arrogance of disbelief in our cause shatter in the minds of even the most loyal ROHbots.

The Age of the Fall is here, and nothing can stop it now.

R W Scott said...

I open my eyes this morning with dreams of another life floating through my mind like an impressionist painters daubes. bright with colour, dripping with vivid tensions, the shapes already fading from recognisable to abstract.

Memories of a plane crash, hallucinatory gases causing paranoia and time jumps 53 years into the future and I wonder whether my subconscious might be a science fiction writer furiously scribbling pages away in my mind in the hours I'm asleep, growing angry and frustrated as dawn comes, then finally desperate and writing his fastest, pleading with me not to awaken.

My imagination, my most valuable, resource, my strongest line of defence fades when I'm awake.
It fades because I've allowed it to be trained to do that.

As a child I filled page after page with scribbles, drawings, writing of other worlds that literally were overflowing from my mind, splashing onto the page and escaping to make way for more.

And I've lost that. I've lost it, because I allowed the world that someone else built tell me what to think, tell me what to dream and tell me where my imagination could wander.

Only in sleep am I released from those bonds. Am I asleep? Maybe that's when I'm awake.

I want to wake up.
I want to live the dream.
I want to live.

Unfettered, unshackled, unrestrained.

That's what I thought when I watched. This is freedom of expression, these are people fighting to cut those bonds that I feel. These are people showing us the way.

While that's true, you have my allegiance.
When people step in front of you they will fall, maybe they will learn something, maybe they will see the freedom you offer, maybe you can help them, because after all, that's the last honorable thing we can do in this world.

ROH talks about how the Age of the Fall aren't the 'product' they want to represent them. That's how far they have fallen. Actually the Age of the Fall stand for that freedom of expression that ROH have claimed they believe in for so long. The Age of the Fall is living the truth that ROH drowned out in favour of a quick buck.

The Age of the Fall is upon us,
stop, think about it,
how COULD you be against us?

Paul said...

When I first read who was there and what happened I couldn't believe it. I had wanted for a long time for Tyler Black to be in ROH and finally it happened. That was just the start. I watched the video wire, say the hanging and listed to Jimmy speak and I remembered why I get up in the morning. Get up-go to school/work-go to sleep-repeat. Just listening and reading I have really thought about what I am doing with my life and what I should be doing. I didn't think that I would ever get something out of wrestling, other then enjoyment, but I really learned something. Some people are bread from day one to do what they do. If you are not one of those people you need to use your own hands to create what you want to be.

To answer your question in a more direct way: I was excited, anxious and hopeful for the future of ROH.

I will be in Boston. I will be in the second Row. I will have my Black hat with a Black Bandanna. I love the Briscoes, but as I said in my last post in the previous entry:If the Briscoes are the price of the Revolution then so be it. Beat them in Boston, earn a title shot. Beat them for the titles, earn the power of the title.

Heights said...

Not all of us have the platform to express ourselves, the Age of the Fall, in a way, you've given us just that. A time, a place, and a voice to speak truth and bring understanding to a misguided world. You've given us life and I for one am glad to be viewed as one of the "Children of the Fall". Thank you!

Rich said...


This is the new face of ROH.

Tina said...

Not much to say here...riveting stuff...Can't wait to see how this plays out