Like any medium, professional wrestling is a form of expression. Directly and indirectly, everything you see in art affects the way you think, the way you act, and the way you feel. Pro wrestling is no exception.

There are more of us out there than any of you can even begin to comprehend. You can use population figures and psychoanalysis statistics to try and calculate a bullshit number accounting for how many people in the world are dissatisfied with their lives, but the fact remains, none of you have ever seen an army of dissidents quite like this.

Somewhere in each of us there exists a desire for truth. And during the normal course of life things get in the way. Ideals become warped and ethics lose their standing. Murder and rape and poverty are all deeply regrettable acts, but the real tragedy of life is the loss of hope that enables those crimes. Throw in dishonesty, prejudice, cowardice, and disenchantment and you have yourself a recipe for a self-righteous society—a social order begging for direction…

This revolution is not for the faint of heart. We never promised you peace, we promised you answers. And like any good parent, we must withhold some things until you’re able to understand them. This is a re-maturation for those who have lost their way, got caught up, or for those who simply gave up and followed the beaten path. And if you’re in, welcome, but if you’re out then get in or be trampled. There is no easier way to tell you than either you are with us or you are against us. One way or another though, this Age will claim every single man, woman, and child living in this country. Ring of Honor? Ha; a microcosm of the bigger picture, and merely our platform for educating large quantities of people at a time—a large number of people who we think might feel the same as we do about life, about love, and about falling apart.

The Age of the Fall is no longer a choice. It’s here. It’s now. It’s me. And it’s you.


You tell us...

Now it’s your turn…

I think what has been misconstrued about this new Age is that it’s just a group consisting of Jimmy, Necro, Lacey, and myself. For the record, it’s not.

For my entire life, planet Earth has been on standby. This generation, our generation has taken a back seat to eras of the past. And some might say I’m wrong. Some may point to all the technological advances of the late 20th century as great accomplishments and tell me I’m out of my mind. It’s really easy to fall into that trap and make excuses for the way your life is. I did it. Jimmy did it. We all had to fall apart before we could all fall together.

The Age of the Fall is now. It’s you. It’s me. It’s all of us. And it’s a way to change your life. It’s a way to feel again. And based upon what I have heard from you already, the end result of our first Project—161—has had its desired effect. Well, let’s hear more. Tell me; after watching the video and either reliving it, or experiencing it for the first time, how did it make you feel? When was the moment that the hairs stood on your skin like curious onlookers? What emotions coursed through you while you watched the Age of the Fall redirect history? Examine your thoughts out loud. We want to hear your voices.

…give us your truths.


Doomsday Has Arrived

A fitting end…

…to a perfect beginning.

Tyler Black here again, and I’m calling it doomsday for now—the night where nightmares came to life. Basking in the reflection of red(neck) blood, we took the first step in breathing alive our revolution. Now, lungs have air and Briscoes have gaping holes in what was an impenetrable coat of armor. Whatever they expected, however they prepared, it was of no consequence. We took what was ours, and in less than 10 minutes changed everything everyone thought they knew about the Briscoe brothers, about professional wrestling, and about life.

We were present in full. I thank those who have chosen the path we have unveiled thus far. Friends, this is just the beginning. Your colors are a sign of strength. Keep your heads held high and your fists in the air. Spread the word. With your continued support, we’ll lead the way and apathetically mow down those who choose the cesspool of simple-minded decay over the fall.

Jay and Mark were just the first examples, set now in stone.

Let hope be your catalyst. Saw off that anchor of fear, and let go of the chains that wrap your wrists. Comfort is not an excuse any more. There is a better way to live your life.

The Era of Honor died with the completion of Project 161. We’ve entered a new age; a time for you to seek revenge on the persecutors and the enablers of yesterday’s cerebral holocaust, and we are your helping hand.

This site has been and will continue to be your source for all things revolution. Keep checking your emails. Keep reading my words, and keep responding. Keep checking out the website for new information and new steps to take. A long road lies ahead, but the risk is well worth the reward. If you haven’t noticed already, we stick to our guns. ;)

We are the Age Of The Fall. And we’re glad to have you on board.


Now you know....

Before you hastily scoff in disappointment at the lack of names and faces, stop for a second and think. This is how it is, and you knew this is how it had to be. Could you have come this far had you known who’d been writing these words? How deep could you have fallen on the tails of somebody else’s dive? This isn’t about names or faces. Fuck, you might as well replace them with numbers and barcodes. If you want to know who we are (and really think about that question for a minute) then do yourself a favor: truly, open your eyes.

Look in the seat next to you. Watch, as we fill up the lines behind you. Listen, as we chant along with you. As you leave the building, notice how we pick up your trash. On your drive home, we’ll sell you your gas. When you stop to get food, you guessed it, we’ll be the ones flipping your burgers. As you sleep in your bed, we’ll be patrolling the streets. We’ll be keeping you safe. We work 3rd shift in the motel lobby. We deliver your newspapers because one job is not enough. We expect the worst and it never gets better; barring when we think it does… And then we’re signing your checks. We’re tipping your tables. We’re buying your tailored suits. We’re never alone, yet we’re always lonely. It never gets any better.

Nothing in this world saves. Nothing you can see or touch or taste. And if you really want to know who we are; take a look around. And then, take a look in the mirror.

Welcome, we are…

The Age Of The Fall

Don’t forget—Show your colors—black ski masks and black bandannas covering your faces in Detroit and Chicago. Start a revolution.


Now you will find out who we are....

Counting days…

Counting hours…

Counting minutes…

Every mystery has six questions that are vital to its secrecy, its intrigue, and its solution. By first giving you the breathing room to answer the questions for yourself, we have only further developed our legend. By then giving you pieces and probability, we have at the same time narrowed and dilated your peripheral. And finally, by giving you depth, with bits of honesty and valor, we have gained your respect. When the curtain falls on this weekend, eyes will be open as far as jaws will be dropped. History will be scratched out and rewritten by the hands of a new revolution. A revolution you thought you figured out and dispelled, but one that has quietly kept you by its side throughout this waiting game.

On a side note, it seems that the dumbest of the brutes have caught wind of our on goings. They can’t put their redneck fingers on it yet, but who’s surprised by that? They can’t even count their own missing teeth, let alone put two and two together. It’s almost too easy…

Counting seconds until all that’s been building and building for months will come to a head. There’s not much left to be said, and after all the speculation, and all the enticement, and all the mystery, the conclusion to this prelude will be well worth the wait. But before we give you the revolution, shouldn’t you at least know who we are? Shouldn’t we be on a first name basis?

No more clues. Tune in back here this Thursday night for an unveiling of sorts; a matinee, if you will. Project 161 will reveal exactly who we are, and what we’re here for. Until next time…fight the good fight.



The revolution is in its final preparatory stages…

Registration has begun, and I see that we are not alone in our plight. In fact, the amount of support we have received has come in even fuller than I had dreamt. Maybe I shouldn’t be so ignorant, so na├»ve. Maybe I didn’t expect as much from you, but I must say that I am wearing a large smile as I type to you tonight. There is equal humility and empowerment in the knowledge that we are not alone. Not a single one of us will go into battle unarmed or unprepared for the uncharted nature of this endeavor. Glory is waiting less than a light year away, and we’ll be there in a blink of an eye.


Now remember, my soldiers that ours is a fight within. So, forget the non-believers. Soon enough what is obvious to you will become apparent to those to whom I will now speak directly:

To be an individual is not to be unique in fashion or politics or life or love. To be an individual is to be yourself. It is to make decisions on your own accord. It is to follow your own path, and to create one if the forest stands in your way. Sometimes, you may not have the light of day to see clearly the choices ahead, or the strength of arms to chop down the trees in your way. This is where we come in by torchlight with axes in hand. We aren’t here to tell you to walk that path or to trace our steps; just to show you that something else exists other than all the ways society means for you to act and feel. Just because we give you the answers, does not mean that you have to use them to pass the exam.
And for those with minds ready for freedom, continue on. Spread the word. Give hope to the meek. But keep your eyes peeled. For soon enough your registration will be utilized. We’re coming with a message. I hope you’re all as ready as we are.


A Call To Arms

I see some of you have been catching on…

Now, I’ve heard that imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery. I presume then, that we should be inclined to take the imposter’s kingdom that we have created as one very large compliment. With that said, all the minds out there—like ours—looking, searching, and longing to be freed…we applaud you for your efforts. Futility is not failure kids, merely a rough draft waiting for guidance. But as we progress, let me clarify out loud what has already been deduced by the observational few:

There is a clear disconnect between us and the fraudulent mimickers. This blog, and its interconnecting website, are your sources. We are the epicenter. We are the foundation. Come here for the truth.

Beyond that, you should know that we’re not trying to drown out you who have been so sincere with your adulation. Conversely, we want your collective voice to be heard, too.
And clear.
But you can’t do this on your own.
You need us.
You need us to constructively purge from you all the frustration, all the enmity, all the hatred that has been bottled up within your heart for longer than you can remember. You’ve been waiting—just as we have—for a release, for an answer, for revenge. And finally, here we are for you. Let us be the frequency by which you broadcast your contempt. Let us be the channel over which your message of scorn is imagined. You become the will and we’ll become the blade, together we’ll be the hand that drives the fatal dagger into the face of society.
That’s right—society.
Ring of Honor is just a platform. Everyone has been asking, “How deep does the rabbit hole go?” The answer boys and girls, is “However deep you dig it.” It stopped being a story long ago; the rabbit is roasting over an open fire and we have turned this reverie into a nightmare; turned this magic into reality; turned this fairytale into a requiem.
This isn’t some bullshit societal revolution about impossible peace and perfect love. But on the other hand, it’s not about anarchy and hedonism either. You’ve already figured that part out, though. What you’re missing is that this isn’t about the chokehold society has on us with its physical laws and taxation. This is a cerebral revolution. A revolution where not only do we take back the intellectual freedom they have stolen from us, but we return the fucking favor as well.
What do you say; who’s with me?