Get Ready Dayton & Chicago

Hope replaced by safety.

Truth exchanged for ignorance.

My favorites are the ones who talk like the revolution is dying; like the cause is losing steam. What those motherfuckers don’t get is that this mutiny is self-inspired. In case no one has noticed, we are still here. And until you kill us, we’re not backing down.

If you feel like searching for something, then come join our masquerade. But keep in mind, we don’t need a single person to tell us who we are, why we are, and where our little movement is going. Fuck you people. I won’t say “at least we’re this,” and “at least we’re that,” but at least we’re not you.

We won’t back down in Dayton, when we win that fucking scramble match. And we’ll continue to stand tall after our victory in this year’s Trios Tournament the following night. If you feel connected to this, then stand beside us and let Age of the Fall hold you up. This dream is by design…

…Over the last few months there has been a lot said by me, about us. Now it’s your turn. If you feel inclined, I ask you to email me on my private account at AOTFBlack@hotmail.com. Send anything. Feelings. Thoughts. I want to know who the leaders of this revolution are.

Looking forward to meeting you,



Impact Felt

I boarded my plane back to Iowa with my head held high. We’ve come further, faster than anyone gave us a chance to. And for the disappointed, let’s be honest; we loathe the weight of our shortcomings, but when the time comes we’ll toast our victories with a decadence and fervor that’ll bring the power to its knees.

In two months time we’ve already left a scar on this insidious business. All the things left unsaid some years ago we’ve melded into our creed. If freedom is what you seek, we offer the message. Unfortunately, I think our significance has been taken for granted by those hoping to pass us off as another “vogue rebellion.” This isn’t about fashion, politics, religion, or looking pretty. It’s about letting go of the superficiality we consciously and subconsciously hold so dear.

If you can’t feel something in these words, then maybe you’re already a casualty; maybe there is no hope for you. But if these lyrics strike a chord; even if that tune is a terrible sound, then I believe our song is making sense.

Revolutions are not decided by battles, but rather by wars. Those with selective memory will forget that we walked out of Manhattan alive…we’re still building.


Glory By Honor is OUR stage

All the world is a stage. And for our little movement, there is none grander than the upcoming weekend.

This coming Friday and Saturday Ring of Honor hosts its most prestigious events of the year in Glory by Honor, and make no mistake about it friends, the revolution will take center stage.
Don’t talk to me about Japanese wrestling legends, because I don’t give a fuck. Reverence has its place, but the time has come to put the past in its grave. Our dreams aren’t matches, they’re aftermaths. And when the curtain closes, the only ones left to take the bow will be us and the kids who choose stand at our side and fight our same fight.

It is pertinent that we use this weekend as a showcase. Facepaint, bandannas, ski masks—all black, all with purpose. Show the world that ignorance is intolerable. I ask you, if ever there you are to stand up and let the world know who the fuck you are, with the sea of neon lights and the big, bright city as your backdrop, will there ever be a better time for revolt?

This is our chance to do something great. Let’s show them what strength beyond fucking strength is all about.