Glory By Honor is OUR stage

All the world is a stage. And for our little movement, there is none grander than the upcoming weekend.

This coming Friday and Saturday Ring of Honor hosts its most prestigious events of the year in Glory by Honor, and make no mistake about it friends, the revolution will take center stage.
Don’t talk to me about Japanese wrestling legends, because I don’t give a fuck. Reverence has its place, but the time has come to put the past in its grave. Our dreams aren’t matches, they’re aftermaths. And when the curtain closes, the only ones left to take the bow will be us and the kids who choose stand at our side and fight our same fight.

It is pertinent that we use this weekend as a showcase. Facepaint, bandannas, ski masks—all black, all with purpose. Show the world that ignorance is intolerable. I ask you, if ever there you are to stand up and let the world know who the fuck you are, with the sea of neon lights and the big, bright city as your backdrop, will there ever be a better time for revolt?

This is our chance to do something great. Let’s show them what strength beyond fucking strength is all about.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, guys. Misawa can kick your a$$es so badly that Gabe will have to drop the Age of the Fall angle.

Paul said...

With Nigel out the title is up in the air. Tyler Black for next world champ.

Project 616 said...

The masses may have not completely figured it out. I have heard the true message.


Mike Siciliano said...

GBH is your stage? Ok, sure. if that's the case, then why the hell is Tyler wrestling Alex Payne?

tell me that one, and I'll MAYBE believe you.

Anonymous said...

mike siciliano, you are a smart man. GBH ain't their stage if one of their members is wrestling Alex Payne. Heck, Payne could beat them all down. lol

Age of the Fall=trashy angle that needs to be dumped

Dan Libon said...
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