Call To Arms In Philly & NYC

The time has come to rise. And if not now, then when? You could tell me, “Kid, you’re still young, with years to worry about the rest of your life,” but I have never listened. I’m not about to start now.

Whether it be on the whims of your imagination or, by the black flag draped across your face, rise with us in Philadelphia; in Manhattan. At this point, all we can know is war. There is not a second standing by for sympathy. We’ll scream at the top of our lungs, or bleed a gallon onto the New York City streets, if only for a flash of revolution.

I have been waiting my entire life for an opportunity to change the world. Some might think its blasphemy, but moments in time happen differently for everyone. If it’s your dream to ride through the storm to find the world stopped on its axis, the stars so close you can touch them, and the population of the world reduced to dust; if that is your glory, then I ask you to release your inhibitions to the hounds, and charge the motherfucking lines with us!!

This is your Age. This is your Fall. Let go and burn the establishment to the ground! Take back your birthright! Redeem the freedom! We are a generation of thinkers. And our minds are more powerful than any army; than any brainwashed bastard children who have grown into ignorant adults who now live life like they are already dead.

You are alive. Live life with no regret.


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah!! You rock. Great blog today.

Anonymous said...


Brian said...

hey.. i'll be in philly.. driving 10 hours to get there.. - and i'll step up and show my support in this "call to arms".. as long as you follow my credo:

"go stiff, or go home"

here's hoping your squad brings it..