Each day is a step in the right direction…

Regression is a literal impossibility; disposed by ideas of revolution…

Lately, I have been presented with possibilities of reversion; as if our society could return to its past, when instinct governed and humanity was as simple as animal desire. I shun that notion. Keep in mind; we aren’t the bad guys here. It’s the weak who have vilified us, and the newly hopeful who have deified us…

Age of the Fall has set out to accomplish specific—though admittedly at-first perplexing—goals that involve the redesign of human nature. Some think the task is a lost cause. But I ask simply, why? If we follow the path, we won’t see the landscape. But, if we dare to dream then why can’t anything be possible? Anything, including a simple change in direction. It doesn’t have to be bigger than you and us, but when you is this ever-growing army we’ve been building, then when that army doubles, and then doubles again, and again, notice has to be taken.

This gold we’re wearing is an amplifier. If they didn’t want to listen before, they could tune us out, but now they have to hear what needs to be said. We are YOUR Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions, and as such we are just the breath of fresh air that this decaying business needs. And not the breath to fill up its gasping lungs, rather the oxygen to ignite the fires that will burn it to the ground. We’ll take our second breath and blow those ashes to the wind. From there, we’ll build something new. We’ll fight for change. We’ll stand for the next generation of boys and girls who have nothing to believe in. We’ll be hope.


Tell me, what is one thing you want to change about your life? We’ll work from there.

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Japper said...

It’s the same old story: "The best lack all conviction, while the worst/ Are full of passionate intensity." We in the west are performing the experiment, for the first time in human history, of living without faith. And we’re a mess.

We’re heavily medicated and in therapy, we’re addicted to anything we can get our hands on, fucking everything that moves, buying tons of ugly useless shit no one could possibly need, and making up wonky, jerry-rigged or retrofitted new religions even stupider than the old ones, all in a desperate effort to stop feeling so empty and afraid.

I love us. I think we are heroic, even if we’re doomed. We are up against people who suffer no such spiritual malaise: they are flush with clear-eyed certitude, they think they know the mind and will of God, and they are wrong, wrong about absolutely everything. They are ignorant, bigoted, cruel, life-hating assholes. Doubt is no day at the beach, but certitude is more like a day at Dachau.

That’s what certitude gets you: the Final Solution, Manifest Destiny, the Great Leap Forward, Jonestown. Evils so enormous it’s hard to believe mere human beings were their agents. We Godless infidels may a bunch of fuckups and addicts and flakes, but we’re better people than they are. If are only alternatives are existential confusion or Assholism, I know which side I’m on. I want people who aren't afraid to doubt themselves.