Nothing Stops

You fall down. You get back up. Nothing stops. And the memory only serves as a reminder that there is much left to be done.

Acknowledging the setbacks of last weekend doesn’t mean we’ll dwell in defeat. Loss—and the reaction it—is a vital part of any personal growth. We came into the weekend knowing the deck was stacked against us. What’s new? We know no they don’t want to see us succeed. With our backs against the wall we came out firing in the hopes that our backwards hand would be able to fend off the predatory brigade that was closing in on our tag belts. Unfortunately, we fell short this time; losing our belts, and in the process, temporarily cutting the air from our voice.


…and the reaction it…

Because we’re still here. Because we’re still breathing. We’ve picked up our pride and dusted off its shoulder. Because there will always be something to fight for as long as exists persecution and genocide and desecration, both in physical and intellectual realms. Life as we know it is a war. Everyday is worth standing your ground, and we’re not waking up to back the fuck down. Remember all the times you’ve been stuck in a hole, alone. Whether it be by melancholy condition, a broken heart, or by way of an inexplicable entropic division of self; you feel like the bottom has dropped out and you’re stuck standing on this little ledge, alone. And every time you’ve cowered until daybreak showed you a regrettable escape. Every time until now. Now is the time we all close our eyes and step off this ledge together; into despair, into oblivion. And what awaits us? Freedom awaits; the will is the means to change our lives by doing and being the all the ways we know we can and should be. Simple, I say. And simple it is.

We had our taste of gold and the power it holds. It’s now an addiction. No Remorse Corps, be sure you haven’t heard the last of us. Come February. Come Lond Island and New York, we’ll ride in full force. Lacey, Jimmy, Necro, Myself… and Joey Matthews. Age of the Fall. Strength beyond strength.


Casey said...

You need new strategy, simple as that. What youre doing now, is not sufficient enough. You are losing matches. Repeatedly. Its an embarrassment sometimes. If you lose those titles dont be surprised. It's because you took your eyes off the prize, and youll have no one else to blame but yourselves.
Then. the name you gave yourselves will be true to life. You are experiencing an age of the fall and you can't get out.

Tell me Im wrong.

REFUSE TO LOSE. It might as well be a tattoo. If youre not on top you are no where.

That is All

PULSE said...

You guys are fools, how do you win the Tag Team titles one weekend than lose it the very next?! I mean you guys worked so hard at winning those damn things and then you just lose them cause you got eliminated by the guys you beat for the titles in the first place! You guys are supposed to have friends in high places, well use them! Dammit Chris, if you don't smarting up and tell your script writers to get you guys to thoughen up or I'll beat the sense into him myself!