To whom it may inspire,

This is one man's story- mine.
Moreso than any wrestler on the Ring of Honor roster, I have climbed higher, achieved more, and fallen farther.
Nearly a decade on the independents.
A rise to become a bonafide superstar in the professional wrestling industry.
A world champion 3 times over who gained respect of his peers while plying his trade on 6 continents, hundreds of thousands of dollars, magazine covers, action figures, video games, t.v. commercials, and prestige of which i could only dream.
And I lost it all.
And it was all my fault.
I suppose I was too immature to handle the success I achieved
The well-informed die-hard fans of ROH have heard the rumors.
"Joey's life is in shambles", "Joey has personal issues", "Joey has demons", "Joey showed up in 'no condition to perform'".
That's the thing about rumors, they're usually true.
In this case, they were.
3 drug overdoses, 7 car wrecks, a 5 month stay in drug & alcohol rehabilitation, and countless broken hearts along the way, including my own.
My former employer did everything they could for me. They gave me chance after chance after chance.
I did this to myself.
I am a grown man, and when you are a grown man, you make your own decisions, you don't place blame on your environment, or anything else for that matter.
You admit when you're wrong.
I have made mistakes.
I can tell you that I am standing on my own two feet today, clean & sober.
I'll tell you why.
I answered the call.
It was Jimmy Jacobs.
This benevolent individual had something I needed to hear.
Jimmy said for once in my troubled career, there was a choice that could save me.
Jimmy said my world as I knew it had become a den of iniquity.
Jimmy said there's only one road to freedom, one road to redemption, and one road back to the land of the living for souls like ours.
That road is being paved by The Age of the Fall.
If that wasn't enough to draw me to the AotF, he continued.....
There are no activation fees or background checks.
The only requirement is a willingness to rise above what will inevitably fall.
That was music to my ears.
For, I have had all I've wanted of alot of things I've had, and a whole helluva lot more than I needed of some things that turned out bad.
And the AotF are like-minded.
We, in the AotF, are the practitioners of an agenda-free agenda.
I, along w/ my brothers & sisters in arms (Jimmy, Tyler, Necro, Lacey, & Allison), immerse ourselves so completely in our cause, and the truth it conveys, that those in the audience who are rigorously honest w/ themselves can scarcely avoid becoming similarly involved.
I want the readers to be clear on this.
This is NOT lip service.
This is NOT a way for me to "get over" on you.
This IS the truth.
If you don't listen, it is your fault.
The road is being paved....... Which road are you traveling?

-Joey Matthews


santanareddwood said...

Joey you are the best young talent out there and i hope you get your chance in the big time again soon.

Anonymous said...


JoeyMatthewsNo1Fan said...

Wow! I'm impressed! Thank you Joey for putting your life out there. HOpe you guys don't mind but I run the Joey Matthews Fan Site on myspace..if you are interested come visit us at www.myspace.com/joeymatthewsfansite
Supporting Joey from Day 1

Ben said...

It takes a true talent to not only take the worst and keep on coming, but to admit he has done wrong by himself and pick himself back up. Good to see you back in ROH Joey.

Casey said...

Just dont mess up.

Guilherme said...

About time, Joey.

You're looking better than ever. Looks, gimmick, skills. I've been backing you up since day one and will always be a fan.

Great to see you back in active competition, specially with the AOTF.

Best wishes,

-A fan.

OneXMuerte said...

I miss you wrestling Joey and awesome story by the way. Maybe now people around the world can take notice of you and not judge you based on your mishaps along the way.You will prove all of them wrong and show them that you are determined and accepted your faults. Aligning yourself with Age of the Fall...means: I can't wait to see you in action and hear what you have to say too. Looks like this revolution is taking shape slowly but satisfying.

TravellingAngel said...

Having had the chance to see you many times live around the globe.. seeing you back in action once again proves that you can come back from anything.
"Inspire "fits your story perfectly. I cant wait to see whats ahead for you.

PULSE said...

Joey Matthews, thank you for helping me discover what the AotF is really about. I hate you for it, but I don't entierly blame you though. Fuck you and good night!

David said...

The Age Of The Fall Is The Best Dam Stable In Wrestling Today Period.