See you in Dayton and Chicago

The measure of power is not in its style or accomplishment, but rather in its action and consequence. Thus, what we have in store for the weekend’s events will only serve as another reminder that the scope of our strength is interminable…

He came to us with a chip on his shoulder. And it wasn’t what he spoke that got our attention. It was the look in his eyes that conveyed in conviction an aura of change; our change. He fits right in, we said. He’s glad to fall in line and fight this war, he said. His truths are our truths. And he gave us his pledge; his devotion. And in return we have given him the avenue to drive his point into the heart of this wretched business that has betrayed him time and time again. This weekend, for the first time in a long time, he’ll fight for the only answer any of us can ever really believe in: he’ll fight for himself.

Shedding light on another situation, our recruiting doesn’t stop with just this weekend. We’ve had our eyes on another talent that seems to have fallen off as of late. It seems that not only has his professional life been a victim, but personally his demons are biting at his heels. Now, what and why are questions that dig beyond what we can assume. Without those answers though, obvious changes in his demeanor and behavior have led Jimmy and me to believe that maybe we could be of some use to this confused soul. He seems to be spiraling down the same dark, vacant fissure we all fell into that landed us here, in this revolution. The question isn’t if, but when will he hit bottom?

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