Feeble souls have taken their toll on my conscience. I feel obliged to respond.

We are not birds. We are not in a nest. This is not some psychobabble construed by years of pills and failure to confront abandonment issues. I am not a prophet, nor will I claim to be your savior, your messiah, or your martyr. Simultaneously, I won’t sit here and tell you that we are all the same, that we are all scum, created equal, or worthless. I’m not a movie line, nor a cardboard cut out. It makes sense to me, though, that the majority of the skeptics who have brought themselves here merely take a few seconds to skim across these words in hopes of finding a phrase or a paragraph they can mock and dispel. Because the truth is, the same as we all believe in something (or nothing), we have to withhold some disbelief, because if we didn’t then faith would be nothing more than a fleeting wretch…oh wait…it already fucking is.

The Age of the Fall is a generation of middle of the road motherfuckers with a chip on our shoulder. Our army outnumbers any the world has ever seen. We all have different pasts, and if there is no action now, we will all end up with the same stagnant, dire future. Blame capitalism. Blame democracy. Or even blame your mother and father. I don’t give a fuck. But when you wake up tomorrow and your breakfast tastes like shit, and your entire day is spent wondering who you could fuck or kill, remember that self-worth is often overlooked or ignored. If you haven’t already, ask yourself, “Is this where I want to be; is this who I want to be?” When you get a real answer from your conditioned-to-avoid brain, come back and tell me how you feel. No, really. Come back; tear down your own preconceptions and remove your fashionable fucking labels. Now figure out what side of the line you are on. There is no right answer. No wrong answer. Just a way back in, or the way out.


R W Scott said...

I always knew which side of the line I was on. Even before you asked.
Because there's more to life than just this.

And I refuse to sit at home and melt in front of my tv, making choices that someone else made for me about what I should wear, what I should eat and drink and who I should fucking be. They dont fucking know me, you knwo why, because they never fucking asked.

No, they didn't need to, because their stupid fucking preconseptions already told them who the fuck I was so I didn't even get a second look. "Move along there's nothing to see here!" Yes, there fucking is! I'm here! Me! I'm a fucking individual and if your brain is to fucking comfort wired to be able to see that then fuck you.

I stood by the Age of the Fall from day one, because I took the trouble to read, I took the trouble to listen and I heard everything I'd always known.

So let their fucking blood run, drop their fucking heads on the canvas, each step you take down your road there will be one more heart beating in tandem with you. And each step I take down my road I'll be taking you along for the ride.

Whatever it takes, if one more person hears it was worth it.

--Ari-- said...

Look don't blame me for your weakened condition just because you bought The Condemned DVD this week. I know I didn't.

PhoenixAngelink said...

I know who I am. I know what I stand for. I know about myself and it's easy for others to judge you. It's easy for others too look you up and down and easily classify you as a freak or something else.

Just because people are different with all different features from their past till now, no one truly knows the person other than themselves. That's the beauty of being alone sometimes, you can establish yourself and decide things for yourself to become smarter and not be brainwashed [so to speak] by others.

Anyone can believe what they want, but sometimes don't believe what others say, always chose your own path in life because at one point or another contacts will be lost and new ones will come, and this will repeat over and over.

Sometimes I don't understand how people can be so infatuated with the media and their news stories about all the rich and famous people? It's not wrong, but sometimes enough is enough, you know.

I personally stopped being into the media and stuff because I made that choice on my own, just like many of the choices I have made during my life time. Just to many Barbie dolls, being fake, and wanting to live with them in their personal lives.

There's no point in making our lives like theirs. The point is to make your life enjoyable and on/about your own accord. It's alright to be different, and now I can definitely say that wrestling is the only thing I will be infatuated with because it's my passion and goal in life.

See, The Age of the Fall is all about choices and opening the minds and eyes of others who think that living large and rich is ideal when its not. The most important thing is family and remembering where you came from and who created you to bring you into this world. It's all about decisions and choices and living with the results that we make.

And I agree with R W Scott with his: 'Because there's more to life than just this.' That's actually true, we have so much going on in our lives, it's time to not follow the crowd anymore but make our own mark in society.

That is why, I agree with The Age of the Fall, and join them till the end. They're something I believe in and became captivated by their words of truth and how they use those words. I mean I am a freelance writer, so they motive me to write better and exceed my own wicked imagination.

Canadian_Xtyne said...

there may not be a right answer or a wrong answer...but apparently there can be a bad answer.

Paul said...

I am going to answer you int he order you asked.

1)As much as I believe in the Age of the Fall, I don't agree with your opinions on Raven. No, you are not knock offs of him, you are simply dark. It is most peoples first reaction to group all dark things together. Raven was one of the first people to go to a darker place on such a large scale. With out him, I don't think you would be able to use wrestling as your medium today. Your right, I do think that a lot of people are only looking for something to criticize when they comment here.

Your second paragraph really struck home with me. While you were some what vague in the way you worded it, it still had a clear message. I do spend a lot of time thinking about about about who I want to "fuck or kill" and who I am and want to be. I mentioned in the last comment that I left here that your posting has really made me think about what I am doing with my life and think about my own out look on things. Like anything, I can't credit just you with that, but you are a factor. I do see myself as being part of the middle ground "motherfuckers" with a chip on my shoulder. I can't even begin to express how much I am with you on this.

I will be in Boston on Friday. I will have my black bandanna. I will be there a couple hours early just so I know that I am not missing anything.

Brandon said...

In this state of constant confusion, everyone is seeking their own answers. The only authority given respect, is that of the self.

This mockery of enlightenment that I see wretched out all over my computer screen makes me cringe, it truly does.

We are not Gods. We are not absurd for existing or struggling.

In a society such as this, where the value of right and wrong takes second place to personal desire, of course this kind of shit is going to pop up. People frustrated with the status quo rise up and find God within themselves, and thus no longer have to answer to any judge above them, for in their disillusioned state, they are on the top of the world. And from that place, the only thing left to do, is brag about it and tell everyone else how wrong they are for not seeing things the way they do.

Well, Jimmy, Tyler, You are truly remarkable in your ideals and aspirations in the world of wrestling, but to try and put a wordly spin on it... makes me laugh. I am no better than you, or anything, but I long ago quit preaching that I knew what the fuck was going on.

Jus108t5 said...

I really hope this blog silences the skeptics who are just out to be nay-sayers.

I fully agree and stand behind every word in this blog.

Join The Age Of The Fall!

themelt said...
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themelt said...

I'm having difficulty defining The Age of The Fall, but of course, that's because many would claim it resists defining. Is it Nihilistic? Anarchistic? Fascistic? Communist? A Cult? A Movement? A Trend? A Subculture?

One thing is for certain and that it is not a regurgitated Flock. This whole thing reminds me more of Project Mayhem rather than the Branch Davidians. Raven's Flock existed purely as an ego rub for a drug addled twisted generation X-er. As a cult it ultimately served no purpose but to carry out the wishes of it's brainwashing leader. Who's posting these blogs? Not Jacobs. Tyler has a voice, Lacey has a voice and, well Necro... I don't think he feels the need to talk. Everyone posting in support on these blogs has a voice and is part of the stable themselves. But it's a shared voice, and coupled with the matching black uniforms for fans does this really count as expressing individuality?

What's been established it that it targets the status quo, appeals to the oppressed everyman, and also to the id, the amoral beast within. It reeks of Neitzche's dislike of slave morality, while at the same time appealing to the slaves. Lacey's blog implies a set of feminist values and a dislike of the current post-feminist order but of course, as many have pointed out, her actions fail to follow through on her words so far. But it's a great direction, as this industry's sexism (as well as it's racism) often makes me ashamed to be a fan. Often people are booed because they wish for equality (Hemme and LAX in TNA) or quite simply, because they come from a different country (pretty much anyone from outside the U.S. whose wrestled in WWE). And the gimmicks are always justified by presenting the characters as obnoxious. The Fall has an opportunity to make a point here, as for too long wrestling's heroes have been thugs and proud-to-ignorant idiots.

Whatever this whole movement is and what it stands for, it's caught my attention and is currently the most interesting thing in wrestling right now. Call me simple for needing a value system spelled out to me, but it may be a while before I start donning the black bandana. The blog's still remain vague and esoteric, and fans don't know entirely what they are buying into.
I guess some would reply that's the point though, that it's not about following because of cool logic or blind faith but rather because an instinctual feeling.

R W Scott said...