Pass out. Who remembers 9th grade? There first day your life really changes is something you should look forward to. I recall being afraid. They say everyone you meet changes your life. I don’t know who “they” are, but they’re wrong. I hopped on the L for the first time ever a few weeks ago. If I met anyone on that 15 minute train ride, I don’t remember any names or faces. It was early in the morning; the sun was just peeking out. It must have wanted to go back to sleep too, because I swear it hung on that horizon for a few extra, fleeting moments. I could almost feel it willing itself to light up the sky. I closed my eyes.

There are some feelings you never want to feel after the first time you feel them. Insignificance is one of those. Maybe mediocrity isn’t a tragedy; at least not as much as it was back in 9th grade, but it is something, or there wouldn’t be a term to describe the stagnation. Maybe you reading this have never felt mediocre. And, chances are, if you haven’t, then you probably haven’t ever felt a thing in your life. You, the simplest one of all, with your lack of questions and your apathy for answers…fuck you. Simple enough?

Yeah, so we’re all dead; what else is new? So stop giving a fuck? Is that it? Why fall in love if your heart is unbreakable? Why turn your back if your skin is impenetrable? Why dream when the truth is much worse? Because it’s fucking life, that’s why. And unless you have a better understanding of the afterlife than I, seek solutions. Seek resolve. Our mission is to enlighten the ones who walk behind—there’s hope for us all.

What’s more sincere; ignorance, or honesty? It’s time to decide.


Anonymous said...

Actually, now is the time to decide when this BORING angle will stop!

Skip Niklas said...

Why do you keep coming back here if you hate this so much?