Rally in Boston and Edison

Who am I to talk about God? About giving up? About giving in?

No one’s here because I told them to be. No one hears what I have to say because I’m some messiah for the misunderstood. Time has evolved humankind. There is no escaping. This is the Age of the Fall. And whether it’s embraced, or cast aside, this Age will stake its claim alongside every other era in history. It’s time for awareness.

This weekend’s shows will be another shout to the Enders…

Fiends in Boston and Edison, may you rise up and shed your fear. Show your strength by taking your place in the mosaic of revolution. Wear black bandannas. Guise your faces and let the world see the beauty in belief. Don’t be afraid to stand out. For if you give in to that façade, then where is our heart? Cross the line in the sand and pick up your feet. Never blur the clarity of the division we’ve made, because if we don’t stand out, there is no hope.

Our collective voice must be heard clearly through the muffled array of typicality. By all means, enjoy your time spent at a professional wrestling show. But don’t forget to stand your ground, and let them know who we are.

We’re here with a voice
We’re here with a mission.

Friday, October 5, 2007: Boston, Massachusetts
Saturday, October 6, 2007: Edison, New Jersey

The time to live is now.


R W Scott said...

If I could be there to show my support I would.

Age of the Fall
Each day needn't be the same
you needn't feel marginalised
Someone is listening, stand up and show that you hear on Friday and Saturday, give us a loud fucking rallying cry that we can hear on the other side of the world and we'll be right by your side.

This is the beginning
Open your minds, there's so much more to come

--Ari-- said...



Brandon said...

If you watch the trends in any given high school, on any given year, you will see the kids who stand out. Whether they rock marilyn manson t-shirts, have emo hair cuts, wear make-up, it doesn't matter. They do it all to stand out. A nice little piece of the social pie, all "standing out" together, ready to show the world that they are different. Only sadly, they are viewed as just another trend, another freak show ready to perform their role in counter culture.

I'll see you guys at hot topic, with the newest rage "age of the fall".

Standing out isn't impressive anymore.

Barb E. said...

White shorts and a baseball cap , Ty-guy ? Are you starting a revolution or a summer day cook-out ?

Adam said...

Brandon: I'd agree if the Age of the Fall followed the same pattern of action as the groups you mentioned: presenting themselves ostentatiously and calling for attention while not actually doing anything to deserve it. Through the manifestos Tyler has written on this blog- and more importantly, through their actions in the ring- the Age have proven themselves to be serious about their claims and not merely desperate for notice.

You can decry their assaults on the Briscoes as cowardly and spineless if you wish; I've heard it all before. Could Jimmy, Tyler, or Necro defeat one of the Briscoes in single combat? As of now, we don't know. But just because they made a sound tactical decision doesn't mean they can't go toe-to-toe with the Briscoes, and their statement spoke as loudly as any one-on-one or tag victory would have. Specifically, it told me once and for all that the Age is not a pack of attention whore emos but a group of extreme idealists who genuinely believe in bringing their message and plans to fruition.

I will hedge my comments here: I don't think the Age will succeed in their goal of ending Ring of Honor, and I'd very much prefer if they didn't. The fact is that I agree with them to some extent, and believe that if they push RoH to become greater than it already is, it's the best outcome for everybody. Call me a supporter of the Age, call me a hater. I'll shrug off either and say this: the Age are evil, we can be sure of that; but they're an entirely necessary evil.